Take control of your home – using your phone, laptop, or tablet!

These days, we’re always on the go. But that doesn’t mean we can’t monitor and control what’s going on while we’re away. Did you forget to close your garage door when you left for work? No problem. Britebox can help you control anything in your home from the devices you already carry with you. The phone in your hand becomes the remote control for everything in your home no matter where you happen to be:

  • Keyless entry
  • Lock or unlock your doors remotely
  • Switch lights on or off
  • Change settings on your thermostat
  • Arm/disarm your security system
  • Watch a live video stream from your security system
  • Answer your doorbell from anywhere
  • Control smart appliances in your home
  • Raise and lower your blinds
  • Monitor water usage and automatically shut down water supply in emergencies
  • Listen to music anywhere in your home

Scheduled Events and Triggers Allow You to Live in the Home of the Future – Today

In addition to added control, a true smart home goes a step further, leveraging technology to automate some of the tasks you do every day. With scheduled events and triggers, you don’t have to waste another thought about routine things like pulling up the shades during the day to conserve energy. The system takes care of that. Now, you’re not just controlling your home. You’re taking control of your life! Imagine living in the Britebox home of the future today:

  • The coffee is ready when you wake in the morning
  • The security system turns itself on and the lights go out when you go to bed
  • You get a text with video when the kids get home from school
  • You garage doors are open and ready when you arrive home
  • Remotely unlock your doors and turn off the alarm for service people or unexpected guests
  • Your home is the perfect temperature when you get home from work
  • If your water line breaks or your water heater fails, creating an abnormal flow rate, water is shut off automatically to prevent further damage.
  • Small, money wasting water leaks are detected early so you can fix them before they start to drain your wallet.

And, so much more – there’s no limit to what our experts at Britebox can help you accomplish in your connected home.

Automate Your Way To Savings Through Reduced Energy Use

Although most Atlanta homeowners are probably unaware of it, our homes tend to use much more energy than necessary. And that waste burns up hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money every year. A home automation system from Britebox can help you conserve energy and save money by:

  • Adjusting the thermostat when no one is home
  • Turning off lights
  • Helping you monitor how much energy each device in your home uses
  • Manage your home’s temperature by using he window blinds to control the amount of light and heat coming in through your windows

You will never know all the possibilities for your home until you have an Atlanta home automation expert from Britebox help you explore your options. Your estimate and our expertise are always free. Talk to Britebox today about how home automation can save you money and improve your life.

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